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We Have You and Your Family Covered

We are a known Physical Therapy Health Insurance Provider

Rehab Oasis is a known provider of Physical Therapy services registered with all healthcare carriers in Jamaica. Rehab Oasis works closely with all patients to make the insurance process as fast and simple as possible. Providing the highest quality of services for all patients is part of Rehab Oasis’s mission. By utilising the Provider Access System (PAS) from Advanced Integrated Systems (AIS), the dedicated professionals at Rehab Oasis are able to provide real-time insurance claim adjudication (accepting all major health cards) for our clients from all major health insurance carriers. Whether you are a clinic or in-home Physical Therapy client your insurance claims can still be processed. We also facilitate insurance claims for international health insurance agencies.


Whether suffering from an athletic injury, a chronic illness, an injury sustained while you were on the job, or even age-related conditions and disorders, Rehab Oasis provides the necessary services to help patients live pain-free. Rehab Oasis addresses the entire continuum of care including prevention, treatment, and recovery.


By participating with most major insurance plans, Rehab Oasis is able to provide patients with these insurances through the PAS system.

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Rehab Oasis has an extensive WorkCare program that provides access to care following a workplace injury that is of the highest quality, but is also quick and simple. Additionally, we provide timely legal and progress reports to patients, doctors and employers that are sometimes requested during or after receiving the necessary treatment following injury from an accident. Employers who are members of the WorkCare program recieve additional benefits such as onsite training for employees on injury prevention and can request progress reports online at no additional costs.


Insurance does not have to be confusing. Rehab Oasis works closely with all patients to make sure every case is handled properly, and that every patients receives the highest quality of care. With a unique one-on-one approach to care, Rehab Oasis is able to provide patients with the best possible outcome for recovery. Rehab Oasis is dedicated to improving lives with hands that care.

Please contact your insurance company or you contact our office to find out if we accept your insurance plan.


Acceptable Payment Methods






Direct Bank Transfer

PCI DSS Compliant ControlScan

Our payment facility supports cards with magnetic stripe (swipe) and EMV secure Chip card transactions. Payments can be made in Jamaican or United States dollars (ask one of our representatives for the current exchange rate). Whether you are a clinic or in-home Physical Therapy client our mobile payment facility can process your payments anywhere at anytime. As a courtesy to you, we will bill any insurance company. However, the assurance of payment for services is a patient responsibility. We will help in any way we can to assist you in handling claims.

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