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We have helped you,
Let us help others

Loyalty Rewards Program for our
Physical Therapy (PT) & Pilates Clients

How to enrol?

Just like one of our social media pages, subscribe to our Youtube channel and complete the sign up form below and your next visit is 10% off.

Other Rewards:

Refer a relative/friend and your next visit is FREE.
Do 6 visits in 2 weeks and get the 6th visit 25% off (PT only).
Do 5 visits in 1 week and get the 5th visit 50% off (PT only).
Leave a social media or Google page review and your next visit is 15% off (redeemed once monthly).

Make a guest appearance on our social media pages and your next visit is 30% off
Record a video testimonial and your next visit is FREE.

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